Aylesbury 2 (B) Division One
Bedford 3 (A) Premier Division
Bedford 4 (D) Division Three
Bedford 5 (E) Division Four
Bedford 6 (F) Division Five
Berkhamsted Hemel 1 (B) Division One
Berkhamsted Hemel 2 (C) Division Two
Berkhamsted Hemel 3 (E) Division Four
Berkhamsted Hemel 4 (F) Division Five
Bishops Stortford 2 (A) Premier Division
Bishops Stortford 3 (C) Division Two
Bishops Stortford 4 (D) Division Three
Blueharts 2 (A) Premier Division
Blueharts 3 (B) Division One
Blueharts 4 (E) Division Four
Broxbourne 2 (B) Division One
Broxbourne 3 (C) Division Two
Broxbourne 4 (D) Division Three
Broxbourne 5 (F) Division Five
Cheshunt 1 (B) Division One
Chiltern 1 (B) Division One
Chiltern 2 (D) Division Three
Chiltern 3 (E) Division Four
Enigma (D) Division Three
Harpenden 2 (B) Division One
Hertford 2 (C) Division Two
Hertford 3 (D) Division Three
Hertford 4 (E) Division Four
Hertford 5 (E) Division Four
Leighton Buzzard 1 (A) Premier Division
Leighton Buzzard 2 (A) Premier Division
Leighton Buzzard 3 (C) Division Two
Leighton Buzzard 4 (F) Division Five
Letchworth 2 (B) Division One
Letchworth 3 (C) Division Two
Letchworth 4 (C) Division Two
Letchworth 5 (F) Division Five
Luton 1 (A) Premier Division
Luton 2 (F) Division Five
Milton Keynes 4 (E) Division Four
Potters Bar 1 (A) Premier Division
Potters Bar 2 (E) Division Four
Rickmansworth 1 (B) Division One
Rickmansworth 2 (E) Division Four
Royston 3 (D) Division Three
Royston 4 (F) Division Five
Saffron Walden 2 (A) Premier Division
Saffron Walden 3 (A) Premier Division
Saffron Walden 4 (C) Division Two
Saffron Walden 5 (D) Division Three
Saffron Walden 6 (F) Division Five
Shefford and Sandy 2 (B) Division One
Shefford and Sandy 3 (D) Division Three
Shefford and Sandy 4 (F) Division Five
St Albans 4 (A) Premier Division
St Albans 5 (D) Division Three
St Albans Bodiceas (C) Division Two
St Neots 2 (D) Division Three
St Neots 4 (F) Division Five
Stevenage 2 (A) Premier Division
Stevenage 3 (C) Division Two
Stevenage 4 (D) Division Three
Stevenage 5 (E) Division Four
Stevenage 6 (F) Division Five
Tring 1 (B) Division One
Tring 2 (C) Division Two
Welwyn 2 (B) Division One
Welwyn 3 (E) Division Four
Welwyn 4 (F) Division Five
West Herts 3 (A) Premier Division
West Herts 4 (C) Division Two
West Herts 5 (E) Division Four

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