Clubhouse: Ditchmore Lane , Old Town, Stevenage, SG13LJTel: 07785254507


1. Nobel School, Mobbsbury Way, Stevenage, Herts, SG2 0HS
2. John Henry Newman Leisure Centre, Hitchin Road, Stevenage, SG1 4AE 01348 22600

Teas are served at our clubhouse - details further down. 

League Rep: Emma Houlihan
Tel: 07785254507

Fixture Secretary: Emma Houlihan
Tel: 07785254507

Ladies Club Captain: Jenny Harding
Tel: 07814524326

Club Colours:

Red Shirts, Navy Skirts, Red Socks
Change Strip: White Shirts, Navy Skirts, White Socks

Kit our ladies play in red tops and red socks. Please ensure you bring a change of kit. If you play in red - or pink, orange or burgundy we ask you wear your away kit - as we usually are asked to change when we come to you. It is easier for the umpires.


Nobel School matches - drive as far as you can go down the car park for parking.

To access changing facilities please walk from the car park towards the pitch and alongside it, then turn right towards the sports building, changing rooms are located here on the right. After the game you may use the facilities here or at the clubhouse. (Nobel showers are nicer than the clubs! so shower at Nobel)

JHN Matches  

JHN has two car entrances (left turn) along the dual carrage way, use the 2nd entrance and drive down to the bottom of the car park.  

There are toilet and changing facilities on site near to the pitch.

Teas Clubhouse - SG13LJ - Stevenage Cricket and hockey Club 

We will always provide teas (usually hot and freshly prepared food and a cup of tea) to all visting teams - players, supporters and any littles ones you have with you. We assume that teams will stay. If you are not staying and intending to head straight off, please let us know before hand (by Thursday morning when our tea lady goes food shopping) or we will have a very cross tea lady.... 

There is normally ample parking within our club grounds.

Should you need to contact our ULO Jenny Hall - please email 

Should you need to contact one of our lady captains, please contact Jenny Harding our club captain - in the first instance. 



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